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      Automotive Rotisserie
Model No: OT0330C
Product Name: Automotive Rotisserie

Model: OT0330C Auto Twirler Plus / Automotive Rotisserie / Car Rotisserie

Capacity: 2000lb

Max.Length: 6000mm

Max.Height: 1150mm

Packing: 1pc/wooden Case

N.W.: 195kg

G.W.: 235kg

Packing Size: 167x75x44cm

20' Container: 50pcs


Auto Twirler Plus is a height adjustable restoration rotisserie designed to rotate vehicle body and frame. It has an adjustable pivot point. It includes 2 hydraulic cylinders for height adjustment while working on your project. The Auto Twirler Plus works for most vehicle types. Makes rust repairing, scraping, blasting,cleaning,painting and other restoration tasks much easier. Some additional mounting hardware may be required.

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