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      Professional Planishing Hammer
Model No: OT0036
Product Name: Professional Planishing Hammer

Model: OT0036 Professional Planishing Hammer

Pneumatic Planishing Hammer includes filer??/SPAN>

Oiler and foot pedal;??/SPAN>

Products It has hardened steel hammer head;

Overall Dimensions: 62"H*30-7/8"W*34-1/2"D?

Fram Tube Size: 4"*4"?

Throat: 24"

Head Opening: 2-1/2"

Air Requirements: 15-120Psi

CFM Requirements: 12

Blows Per Minute: 4600

Height Adjustment: 1-1/2"

G.W.: 73.0kg

N.W.: 53.0kg

Qty/Ctn: 1

Package Size: 156x98x21cm Wood Case

20' Cantainer: 120pcs

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