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      English Wheel
Model No: OT0035
Product Name: English Wheel

Model: OT0035 English Wheel

1. Large 37-3/4" throat capacity

2. Totally 3 big wheels and nine anvils in cluded.

3. Quick-adjust lower anvil yoke for easy leveling;

4. Handles sheet metal to 16 gauge, copper and aluminum to 14 gauge;

5. Overall dimension: 53"H*30-7/8"W*44-1/2"D; 90 degree swivel head;?

6. Upper roll size: flat, 2-1/4"w*6" diameter;

7. Bottom roll size: 1/8". 1/2" and 3/4" edge radius *6" crown radius; flat with 5/16"*1/4" step, and 2 flat rolls.

G.W.: 101kg

N.W.: 78kg

Package Size: 146x113x24cm Wood Case

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